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Luke Edge. Creative director and founder of Marka design.

Leaving school at the age of 16 to become an apprentice joiner, Edge began working as a carpenter by day and designing by night. It soon became apparent that design was his first love, but his workshop experience gave him a unique outlook and work ethic that he see’s as a priceless advantage and a great inspiration behind his success within the design industry.

For it was here working in the intimate environment of a joinery studio that he learnt all about hard work, straight talking and building something from scratch. He learnt how to hold his own amongst the older colleagues who targeted the new apprentices with the initiation rituals that all tradesman can tell you a thing or two about. Soon after taking the leap of faith from apprentice joiner to designer, a young, tough and hungry Edge was soon working full time on a freelance basis, and self published the pioneering free magazine Station. Bringing together art, music, fashion and food all under one roof – Station magazine inspired a new wave of cutting edge lifestyle publications throughout the East London neighbourhood.

Station was the milestone publication co-created under his first company Edge & Barrett. It was not long before some of the leading music festivals, as well as a wide array of other industries came knocking at his door for creative original content. Edge and Barrett eventually went their separate ways into new business ventures and Edge saw an opportunity to start a new kind of creative environment. With the ambition of building an intimate studio of artists, illustrators and designers, where creativity could thrive and clients could enjoy a bespoke service all under one roof, MARKA was born.

As anyone that knows Luke will tell you, he is a straight to the point, no nonsense individual, with an infectious entrepreneurial spirit allowing him to step into the shoes of his clients. Helping them to build and grow as he has done since the day he took a leap of faith into the design industry. As well as design, Luke has a wide array of extra curricular activities and hobbies. On the weekends you will find him cycling on his custom Eddie Mercx bike (one of Luke’s heroes) or roughing it in the woods, living by his wits with his vast knowledge of bushcraft. Luke has two sons named Albert and Teddy who are already showing great signs of creative promise and with a family of designers, artists and musicians I think it is fair to say that creativity runs through his veins.

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