Our culture is all about realising the unique story every brand has to tell.

MARKA Design

You might hear talk of brand purity, endurance, resilience and authenticity. The tricky bit is applying these qualities consistently and coherently across every type of communication. Here at MARKA, we believe brands are like books. The better the story the harder it is to put down. The clearer the message, the more we believe in it.


A cross platform creative agency, we work with fundamental design principles and strategic thinking to create design that’s more than just pretty pictures. We discover a brand’s DNA – the unique make-up that captures the company’s philosophy and services – to bring a fresh perspective to our clients’ visions.  Once found, the brand as a whole speaks in a unified language, from layouts, logotype’s, and photography to tone of voice or in-house buzz words which helps hold the brand in place. We deliver story-led lasting brands that stay strong, speak clearly and tell the right story – brands that communicate with their target audience and achieve their commercial objectives. Not sure on your story? Let’s chat.